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Company Profile

Plot 560 Kyaggwe Block 120 Degeya Estate Mukono, UGANDA

Medisell Uganda Ltd



Street Address

Plot 560
Kyaggwe Block 120
Degeya Estate
Mukono, UGANDA


Contact Details

Tel: +256 312 311 400

Email: info@medisellug.com



Registration Date

The company was registered in Uganda on 13th October 2005

Registration No 76784

Tax Identification No (TIN):1000054259



Type of Company

Limited Liability Company - operating in the field of Imports and Distribution of Pharmaceuticals Laboratory and Medical Products.




  • Kampala Capital City Authority: Trading Licence
  • National Drug Authority: Suitability to sell and Distribute Medical Devices
  • Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA): Registered as supplier of Drugs, Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical


Our Mision

To provide quality healthcare products & services, to aid our customers in providing a high level of care in a world of limited resources.



Our Corporate Vision

To be a driving force for technological advancement of the Rwandese healthcare market, assisting our customers in improving the well-being and quality of life of their patients in the Hospital and Laboratories.




The company currently employees twenty one full time employees (all from the local community) apart from the Management-Board of Directors who are of Cyprus citizenship.


CEO-Managing Director

Mr. Andreas Papaloizou

B.Sc. in Electronics and Computer Sciences

More than 30 years Working Experience in Laboratory and Medical Equipment



Medical Division, Business Development Manager

Mr. Xanthos R. Lyssiotis

B.Sc. in Business Administration, University of Indiana at Bloomington, M.B.A Babson College, Mass. - USA

25 years of Working Experience in international Sales of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals.



Present Line of Business

  • Marketing and Distribution of high-end Laboratory Instrumentation, Diagnostic Reagents and relevant Consumables for Life Science applications.
  • Installation and after sales service to all the Laboratory Instrumentation distributed by the company.
  • Stockist of all the fast moving products distributed by the Company with the aim of providing a first class service to its customers all over Uganda.




The company was established in 2005as an offspring of the sister Company MEDISELL Co Ltd – Cyprus (established in Cyprus in 1983)with the objective to provide branded products and technical services for Life Science Laboratories and Hospitals in Uganda.


Special emphasis is given to the support of the products sold by the companyboth in terms of Service and Maintenance but also Scientific support. For all instruments, the installation, operators training and after sales service is performed by the Service personnel of the Company backed up, if needed, by visiting engineers from our affiliated company in Cyprus. Our Service Engineers have been trained by our suppliers mainly at their training centres in South Africa or Europe.


Medisell Ug Ltd is the authorised and exclusive Distributor of various well known international brands:


  • ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS-South Africa– Laboratory equipment and reagents for Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Point of Care, PCR and Tissue Diagnostics.
  • SEBIA-France – ElectrophoresisInstrumentation and Reagents
  • DEMOPHORIOUS HEALTHCARE-Cyprus: Blood Bags and Blood Bag equipment, Blood collection tubes, disposable syringes, examination and surgical gloves, surgical sutures
  • ORPHEE-Switzerland: Haematology Analysers & Reagents
  • SARTORIUS-Germany: Automatic Pipettes
  • DELTALAB-Spain: Complete range of laboratory plastic consumables.
  • SLEE-Germany : Histopathology Equipment



The company also deals with many other branded products in its effort to provide complete solutions to its clients


  • Centrifuges
  • Incubators & Water Baths
  • Filterer Tips and regular Tips
  • Laminar Flow Cabinets
  • Laboratory Refrigerators
  • General Laboratory Apparatus and disposables.




Rented independent building in the city centre of the Capital of Uganda, Kampala, of approximate 500square meters, comprising of Offices, Workshop, Warehouse and Refrigerated facilities for heat sensitive products. A backup generator is available to ensure proper and continuous operation of the Office facilities as well as proper running of the refrigerators in cases of power cuts.

Latest technology of office equipment is available to all the employees.

The Workshop is equipped with the latest specialised testing and repair tools needed for the service and maintenance of the equipment supplied.



Our Fleet

The Company has its own fleet of twenty vehicles comprising of FORD Transit Vans for goods transportation and service personnel and saloon cars for the Sales/Support Team.




Our customers are both from the Government and the Private Sector such as Hospitals and Clinics, Blood Banks, Universities and R & D Laboratories and Clinical Laboratories.



Main Projects completed

  • Uganda Ministry of Health-HIV Viral Load Project and Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV- supply of instruments and reagents for the screening and monitoring of HIV patients in Uganda.
  • Mulago Hospital (Largest Hospital in country with 1790 beds) -Reagent rental agreement for large throughput Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay analysis.
  • Joint Clinical Research Centre (HIV/Aids care and research Institute) – Various instruments in the lab.
  • MU JHUIDI (The Makerere University- Johns Hopkins University collaboration -MU-JHU- Core Lab) – Clinical Chemistry and PCR for Viral Load.
  • Uganda Virus Research Institute -Large throughput PCR Analysers for Viral Load and Clinical Chemistry.
  • Medical Research Centre (International Research Centre on HIV) – Various instruments for Chemistry, Immunoassay, PCR.
  • LMK Laboratory: Various instruments for Chemistry, Immmunoassay, Tissue.
  • Ebenezer Laboratory - Various instruments for Chemistry, Immmunoassay.
  • More than 100 regular customers with approximately 440 Instruments in country.


Future Plans

To establish within year 2015 a Medical Division that will undertake the Marketing and Distribution rights of well know International Corporations with the aim of providing the same superior services and products as with existing line of Laboratory products.


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